What do I do if my wooden surface already has stains?

No problem!

If the wooden surface you want to treat already has stains, now is the best time to remove them. Depending on the size and thickness of the stain, there are different techniques for removing it.

large spot

If the stain is large (palm-sized), the work is unfortunately also more time-consuming. In this case, the only solution is to sand down the stain. Sand the wood with coarse sandpaper over a large area around the stain. Make sure you always sand with the grain. When the stain is no longer visible, sand the entire wood surface again finely. It is important that the sanded area is now slightly lower than the rest of the surface. This means that a small valley has formed. This valley is negligible on shelves, storage units, dining and coffee tables, etc. However, on desks or surfaces where a particularly even surface is important, this depression is clearly noticeable.

small spot

The second method is much more pleasant, but only works really well on smaller and thinner stains.

Simply treat your wood surface with our oil or wax. Rub the product more intensively into the wood fibre in the area of the stain. During the drying process, you will see that the outline of the stain becomes blurred and increasingly difficult to see. Small stains disappear completely in this way. Larger stains become smaller and less noticeable.

A mixture of both methods, i.e. a short intensive sanding and intensive working in of our products, also produces good results.

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